What I Do

I help people enjoy active lifestyles by troubleshooting pain and movement difficulties that prevent the quality of life they deserve. I specialize in soft tissue release and movement training. This focus allows me to help people solve problems and create solutions that just make sense.

I want people to be able to do what they love to do.
As an Active Release Techniques provider from 2006 to 2014, I learned a valuable tissue specific treatment that is unlike any other technique. I’ve taken this knowledge to the next level as I incorporate an Active Assessment Algorithm that helps to first establish relevance and then solutions with obvious results.

David Edwards-Smith

“David’s method is one of compassion and genuine concern, exactly what I sought from a health care provider. ”

Tim Tobin


The incessant numbness

Even though Dave lives over 100 miles away, I would not hesitate to return to him for more treatment as it’s a simple decision when considering the option of having limited mobility and ongoing pain.

Thank You Dave,

Joseph “Leaf” Robinson

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I have been a musician since I was introduced to a musical instrument way back in 6th grade.  Of course, I’m drawn to the analogy of music to movement.  All musicians know that learning an instrument takes persistence, repetition, strength and the ability to listen.  Take guitar for example…. Continue Reading

A Golfer’s Elbow Diagnosis

There are many reasons for wrist pain.  These cases are common to most health care providers and often fall through cracks.   Ulnar nerve entrapment is effectively detected with a manual soft tissue specialization like Active Release Techniques.  X-Rays, or MRI’s and nerve conduction studies don’t reveal the nature of the problem. 

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