What I Do

I practice a sophisticated but simple system. This system addresses the moving parts such as fascia, muscle, ligament, nerve and joint capsules. I use my hands to determine if moving parts do not move correctly when adhesion or scarring forms as we move through our lives as domesticated humans. Once a problem site has been identified, I use the appropriate protocol for reestablishing the movement of tissues.

I utilize a system that ranks and documents movement patterns that are key to normal function.  This informs us of required adjustments in your fitness or training program to help meet your goals.

David Edwards-Smith

“David’s method is one of compassion and genuine concern, exactly what I sought from a health care provider. ”

Tim Tobin


The incessant numbness

Even though Dave lives over 100 miles away, I would not hesitate to return to him for more treatment as it’s a simple decision when considering the option of having limited mobility and ongoing pain.

Thank You Dave,

Joseph “Leaf” Robinson

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There are many reasons for wrist pain.  These cases are common to most health care providers and often fall through cracks.   Ulnar nerve entrapment is effectively detected with a manual soft tissue specialization like Active Release Techniques.  X-Rays, or MRI’s and nerve conduction studies don’t reveal the nature of the problem. 

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