Continued Education


Why this course?
Because you and your clients deserve more than just another technique.

Liberate yourself from the prison of technique centered thinking.

Experience new exciting possibilities through the lens of  sharpened assessment and critical thinking skills.

Yes, you will learn to think and do.  This course will also focus on relevant hands on techniques that actually change tissue to achieve real changes in tissue that is measurable.

10 Questions in Clinical Excellence

  • What tools will help build my knowledge base?
  • How do I increase my clinical experience?
  • What information is relevant in a patients history and how do I use it?
  • What am I looking for in an assessment?
  • How will I know when my skills are relevant to the clients needs?
  • When should I refer a client to another provider?
  • How do I build a tissue specific treatment plan?
  • What’s most important in my treatment plan?
  • What technique should I use?
  • How do I actually change tissue problems to achieve measurable results every time I treat a client?
  • How do I know my client is actually improving with my treatment plan?

Learn to discover what technique is best for your client rather than simply choosing the techniques you provide.
Clinical excellence in massage therapy is achieved first with the skill of clinical reasoning before the skill of therapeutic technique.

Treatment techniques serve the therapist and the client best when the technique can be put into context. Not every problem requires the same approach. The Structural Assessment Algorithm guides therapists to make informed clinical decisions.  The information gained in the structural assessment algorithm gives you the tools to determine whether your therapeutic technique as a massage therapist is relevant before you develop a treatment plan.

Students will learn to a repeatable order of operations that provides guidance as you as you increase your knowledge base, experience and skills in clinical reasoning.   Determining the most relevant questions and benchmarks is critical making clinical decisions.   A therapist’s confidence and competence will increase in your clinical choices whether the decision is to refer to a relevant health care provider or a choice in a therapeutic technique.

This course is a first step on the road to clinical excellence!assess-k-e-o

David Edwards-Smith

David Edwards-Smith, LMT, NSCA-CPT graduated from the Ann Arbor School of Massage and Bodywork in 1995. He was a full body certified as an Active Release Techniques Elite provider from 2007 to 2020. Dave enjoys a private practice and as has practiced at a chiropractic clinic for 16 years.  In 2012 he expanded his practice into personal training with specialization in corrective exercise programming where he works with athletes and fitness enthusiasts at local gyms.

Dave has worked to compile a knowledge-base and experience that serves to provide relevant information to the massage therapy community.  This information is intended to contribute to elevating the role of the massage therapist in the medical community.  He continues to expand his knowledge base and experience and enjoys his life as a husband, father, musician and mountain biker.


NCBTMB Provider #1000108