Perform Better


ATTN:   Runners, Crossfitters, Powerlifters, Bikers, Swimmers, Dancers and Volleyball Players …
Soft tissue specialization is  Not Just about Pain is also about Performance.

Have you hit a wall in gaining speed, agility, endurance or strength?
Are you not performing at the levels you expect?

Do you fatigue earlier than you expect?

sports1Have noticed changes in your movement quality? 

You will find ART Providers working with the hometown sports teams, elite athletes and Olympians. Active Release Techniques Providers are on the medical staffs for the NFL, MLB, NBA, the NHL. We work to enhance the sports performance for the PGA Tour and are the First Choice for Iron Man athletes. Providers trained in ART are the First Choice because results are obvious and immediate.

Functional Movement Screen / Movement Assessment
Dave Edwards-Smith is a certified in the Functional Movement Screen. Understanding your movement quality is critical to the understanding of your athletic performance. The FMS  and Active Movement Assessment together serve as a way to track the progress of your training program. With the FMS we determine if your movement readiness.  With an Active Movement Assessment we can track the improvements with your training program. Movements are evaluated and scored. Movements with a low score are targeted with the appropriate corrective exercise strategy, manual therapy or if necessary, a referral to a physician.

Movement Video Analysis
Evaluation v
ideo analysis of your movement qualities serves as an invaluable tool for information about your movement deficiencies. With this information we can assess loss of mobility, stability, motor control or power.


Treatments are specific and based upon the individual needs of each athlete. It is not a cookbook approach. We find specific tissues that are restricted and physically work them back to its normal texture, tension, and length by using various protocols.  It is not uncommon that in only after a few minutes to see a considerable improvement in the athlete’s best personal performance.