I Have a Hammer so It’s a Nail

Relevance Before Treatment

Save money, time and frustration by finding a provider that matches up relevant solutions to your presented problem. Everyone’s heard the term that if you have a hammer everything looks like a nail.   This is an unfortunate reality in some aspects of healthcare.  This is the problem where a health care provider is trained in a specific technique, learns a new technique or a new information and then applies it indiscriminately to all patients.

This can be frustrating for a patient because sometimes, it doesn’t occur to the healthcare provider to dig deep to determine the actual relevance of the technique to the presented problem.  This approach offers a hit or miss type of result.  A hit or miss approach can result in multiple visits which means more time and more money.  Patients are left with the same problem or a problem that is only lessened for a short period of time.

A provider that has your best interest in mind is focused on you not their technique.  For the best and obvious results to occur questions need to be asked and an assessment must be made.   You know that a provider has your best interest in mind if they are asking good questions aimed at defining their relevance to you.  This paves the way for a solid plan with benchmarks set you both can track and understand.

Establishing relevance to a therapy technique maintains the focus on the best interest of the client/patient.  Some of my best clients are those who I was able to recognize that I was not the right guy to help them.  In these cases, I do my best to recommend those who I feel is.  Many times, this has resulted in thank you cards, texts or phone calls.

Questioning relevance isn’t the easiest way to conduct a practice.  It requires digging in and being real about knowledge base and experience.  It is “practice” after all.   Clients/patients appreciate a genuine approach.  They appreciate a willingness to dig deep and tap the resources to build our knowledge base and experience. Finally, clients/patients appreciate that they are spending their valuable time and money getting results they can understand rather than just another treatment technique.

If your provider has a hammer, make sure they are asking the best questions to determine that you are in fact a nail.

“Am I the right person to help you now? If not, who is?

Dave Edwards-Smith

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